Monday, March 30, 2015

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My name is Joseph Varghese. I’m a Peak Performance Coach and Online Marketing Strategist. I work with companies to streamline their online marketing systems. Most people who know me call me a natural connector, and as such I facilitate Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances. I’m passionate about empowering others to stay focused, driven, and living their highest potential.

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Want to know the accelerated path to being both fulfilled and wildly successful? Surround yourself with a team of people with similar values: integrity, health, contribution, financial mastery, continuous growth and expansion, creativity and self – expression. Make it a lifelong commitment to grow.

“Environment is stronger than willpower.”- Buckminister Fuller & Yogananda

You can connect with many extraordinary people committed to growth at the New York Power Team, a personal development monthly community that I co-organize in New York City.  You can also connect with me via linkedin or twitter.


Here are some of the businesses and projects that I’m involved with:– Process To Profit is the marketing methodology that we coach and support our clients to integrate. We provide services in Online Marketing, Branding, Copy-writing, Creating Automatic Continuity Systems, SEO, Outsourcing Solutions and Joint Ventures. Are you investing in the right online strategies to communicate your business brand, strategies that are specifically applicable to your niche? How are you tracking your growth and ROI?

Are you searching for the the right Joint Venture partner(s)?

Connect with us and let’s see how we can expand your business both in reach and profitability.  Our unique out-of-the-box thinking combined with simple systems logic can help any business reach the next level. – Began in 2005, Peer Success Circles is a daily goal realignment system and mastermind community. Just as a captain needs to make continual course corrections to get to a destination, so does every entrepreneur and business owner. Peer Success Circles provides that goal realignment by connecting members together in peer-to-peer empowering relationships, all while tracking their growth and progress regularly.

Through this unique flavor of support and accountability and by recieving ongoing feedback, it’s simple to course correct your path until you arrive clearly at your goals and dreams. You get to also model incredible success strategies from others as well.
It’s the ultimate blend of productivity and relationships, delivering the highest impact. Ongoing support and accountability is the missing ingredient in most trainings and we aim to provide that. Every member is in their own way a success story.

“Research reveals peer accountability is the ultimate driver of performance.”– Bloomberg Businessweek

Heart Essentials and The Healthy Heart Summit

Heart Essentials

Cardiovascular Disease is the # 1 killer in most developed portions of the World. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 17 million people die of Cardiovascular Diseases, particularly heart attacks and strokes, every year.

The Mission of Heart Essentials and the Healthy Heart Summit is to provide an integrated approach linking leaders of prevention in both Western and Holistic Medicine / Nutrition together. In doing so, we are providing access to education and resources to raise awareness in preventing Cardiovascular Disease. Our Vision is to prevent ten million cardiovascular disease deaths by 2020.  Reach out to me if you want to be part of the team. I am also actively involved with the American Heart and Stroke Association.

JV – A list of tools and resources that I personally use or have played with. Some of the resources are a bit outdated and I promise to update the entire site soon. If you need a recommendation on anything related to online marketing, productivity, or personal development, ask me via the Contact field on top.

Inspirology is a site that I put together a few years ago to help friends, family and colleagues stay inspired and engaged in inspiration and possibility. The site contains an assortment of videos, articles and resources. Find out what’s possible when an ordinary person puts his or her heart and soul into it to create the extraordinary. With so many segments on economic problems and uncertainty shown in the media, stands to be different. Email us at if you have a story to share.