How to Focus and Win Your Day using Daily Themes

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There is this famous adage that where focus goes, energy flows.

It’s a very powerful truth if you embrace it and design your life around it. This idea is the basis for a community I lead called Success Circles where we help entrepreneurs focus on making 1% progress each day.

However, I believe that it takes more than just focus. It takes “intention” and intentionality amplifies our focus.

When I apply this idea of setting intentions into my daily planning process, I call it “theming” my day.

Movies and shows have themes and I want the theme of my day to stand out like an awesome movie where I get to be the executive producer and I get to design a winning day.

A theme is an idea that recurs and often establishes a setting for my day.

I theme my days, my weeks, my quarter, and also my year.

Here are my current daily themes:

  • Monday is “Momentum Monday”
  • Tuesday is “In the Zone & Passion Tuesday”
  • Wednesday is “Breakthroughs Wednesday”
  • Thursday is “Followup & Follow-through Thursday”
  • Friday is “Completion Friday”
  • Saturday is often “Funday” with the family
  • Sunday is usually an off day

For example, when I focus on the theme of “follow-through” on my Thursdays, I’m inspired to engage with clients and respond to messages that I may have skipped throughout the week.

It’s also not an accident that most of our sales happen on Thursday and Friday due to this follow-up theme.

Friday for me is “completion” themed.

I begin the day with my Weekly Review by going through a checklist of things to review to bring closure to the week.

By focusing on completion throughout my Friday, I can now give my family full presence and attention as the weekend begins and truly make Saturday a “Funday”.

As an added note, we have several members of our Success Circles community who honor the Shabbat which is a sacred time for them with no technology. When speaking to these members, I have found that they have an unparalleled level of productivity as their new week begins.

Where focus and intention go, energy flows.

Let’s all thematically go out and win our days.

Onward and Upwards,



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Connect with your own one-on-one Momentum Buddy.

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