What is Your 2021 Theme?

Many years ago, I learned a powerful and simple strategy that has enabled me to ACCELERATE my goals and OWN THE YEAR.

Beyond, goal-setting for the year there is a powerful concept called theme-setting.  Your theme is essentially your intention for the year.

Setting a theme shouldn’t be confused with goal setting—it’s not something you attach an expectation or evaluation to. It’s a deliberate vision, a purpose, or attitude you are proud to commit to, one that matches your deepest sense of who you are becoming throughout most of the moments that make up this year.

This simple theme will be in the background of your subconscious mind (your thoughts) to support you toward achieving your greatest outcomes for the year.

Here are some of my themes from previous years.

2012 is The Year of Expansion
2013 is The Year of Breakthroughs
2014 is our year to THRIVE
2015 The Epic Year of Expansion
2016 The Year of Innovation
2017 Year of Context and Energy
2018 Year of Breakthrough Teams
2019 Epic, Fierce, Love
2020 Love, Health & Impact

At the start of 2020, inspired by a good friend, I declared my theme to be the three words Love, Health, & Impact.

Those 3 focal points allowed me to focus on family and health during what many would consider a very challenging year given the world of Covid.

Despite what has happened in the world, 2020 was one of the best years of my life as I got to deepen my connection with family, see my son walk for the first time, and grow Success Circles by leaps and bounds. We also impacted hundreds of others by leading daily virtual group huddles.

Theming the year played a big part in creating progress. I’m reminded that “Where focus and intention go, energy flows.”

This short video counting down to 2021 encompasses my theme for this year.https://player.vimeo.com/video/496944028

I have learned more about this concept of theming from the author Chris Brogan. Ideally choosing three separate words that each mean something unique to you is the way to go.

My three words theme for 2021 are the words “partnership, moments, count”. Obviously from the video you can see that these three words mean something together and also mean something individually.

For me that means:

  1. Embracing all forms of “partnerships” / creating team / ecosystem mergers / joint ventures.
  2. Honoring the special “moments” of life especially during these times when we’re not able to go out to restaurants and lead large in person events.
  3. Finally, remembering that every moment “counts” and it will always serve to know (count) my numbers in business and fall in love with math.

Part of my stake in the ground this year is growing Success Circles to 1,000 concurrent members, who are mainly growth-minded entrepreneurs, to realize their dreams through our unique peer momentum/accountability framework.

On a related note, 25 years ago on December 3rd, 1996, my Mom, Grace Varghese, had a heart transplant. She will be thriving at age 85 years this year.

One of the books on our bookshelf, in the home I grew up in,  was called “Every Second Counts” documenting the first-ever heart transplant by Dr. Christiaan Barnard on December 3rd, 1967. That first transplant patient lived 18 days. Science and technology have both evolved over the course of those 29 years between both transplants.

We are praying that my Mom lives well beyond the current longest-living patient. She’s on course to make that happen and thanks very much to her commitment to living an intentional life.

We have all won the lottery of life. Honor all your moments especially in 2021 since those moments count and you matter

Onward and Upward,

Joseph Varghese

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